Hi Bumble,

BumbleBizz isn't out yet but can we pretend we met there? Because my professional background is atypical for a creative, I want to take the time to explain who I am, what I can do for Bumble, and how our passions align.

I know my skills can be better served working towards what I'm truly passionate about: writing and helping others. 


Although this is a career change, I know my past technical/analytical skills and existing writing skills will serve me well.


In my opinion, Bumble is on its way to a lifestyle brand. Not the traditional "here's what to buy and wear" but more transcendental:

For example, last year your app integrated users' top Spotify artists. I loved this feature because there are two things that bring people together across the globe: food and music. To take it a step further to expand the brand, I can help Bumble curate and maintain playlists for each mode within your app. Right now Bumble doesn't have many followers in Spotify but we can quickly change that and make it an organic part of the brand. See below for some ideas:

In whatever capacity or role, I would love to be considered to join the hive. I want to learn and be a part of the revolution in shaking up gender roles in dating, finding friends after college and now, get involved as you expand to business connections.

I believe in Bumble and think my unconventional, technical background can add value to your mission. I am ready to hustle, hope to hear from you soon!


Download my resume and a letter

Disclaimer: This is a personal page and all opinions are my own. Design colors, logos, app interface, and any general brand assets belong to the Bumble design team.