Why WordPress?

I picked up a random issue of GQ the other day. There was this really insightful article about Matt Mullenweg- a typical bachelor in his twenties with a not so typical business. He developed WordPress during his college years in order to innovate and simplify blogging. This is, indeed,  probably the easiest thing ever (with creative potential if you have the skill). I know I have a facebook but I would genuinely feel like a creep if I were a frequent “note” writer because that’s how I perceive those that do. Personally, I feel like this is a great way to organize my thoughts and ideas about global incidents, personal experiences or recent events occurring in our chaotic society. I also really enjoyed writing in high school and hate that I’ve gotten out of that habit since I started college. If I truly plan on achieving all the goals I’ve set for myself, writing will be an imperative skill. This should help.

I’ll try not to make these too long or meaningless. Let me know if you enjoy reading this once I eventually get this going.