Deafening Silence: Muslims Against Radical Islam

Until Muslims want more from their people, there is little room for complaint. The anger and frustration against my own religion has been numbed by sadness and displaced acceptance. I want to feel ashamed by the silence I maintain when people around me express their disdain towards my religion, Islam. For some reason, however, I feel no shame. Because I don’t want to feed Islam’s greatest misconceptions, I avoid engaging in frenzied debates or displaying my frustration with strangers and even some friends.

Take a tough moment to sympathize with anyone who has ever degraded you, attacked your most precious beliefs, or has unjustly left you without spirit. Sympathize because everyone hates and everyone is a victim at some point.


It took long, mindful thinking to realize that I too would be left with a bit of inescapable contempt towards Muslims after everything that has happened in the Muslim world. The emotional, physical, verbal attacks against the Western world from Radical Islamists are endless.

Radical mentality cannot exist without and is only supported by stubborn ignorance. The greatest display of ignorance is in the leaders of suppressive governments. Recently, it was the Bush Administration that first discovered the complexities and inanity of Islamic Regimes. And now beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, corruption is unfolding from Tunisia to Indonesia.

Muslims, who live outside the tiny scope of Radical Islam, feel betrayed. They are victims to their own kind. No one retaliates the way militant Muslims do in this era. Their methods are unwarranted and accomplish nothing but notoriety—fueling the ignorance and hypocrisy of fanatical “Muslims”. Despite everything, more people in the United States acknowledge the discrepancies between real Muslims and the fanatics. I am always so proud to be American.

Ignorance exists everywhere but Muslim-Majority nations are letting it cripple their image with the rest of humanity.

The association of terror with Islam cannot be limited to Western ignorance. The fear is perpetuated by false practices of Islam by the militant leaders. Under the guise of morality, extremists in these nations maintained a theocracy—dictated by distorted interpretations of Islam’s holy book, the Quran. They ignore the basic, crucial principles of peace, compassion, and true faith.

Before Muslims can defend themselves against hate, they should condemn radical Muslims for their ignorance.

The Quran is beautiful poetry, outlining the need for compassion, accepting that God gave everyone freewill, and leading a life of humility. Violence is limited to defense, women (especially Mothers) are held with the highest regard, charity is a must, and there should be no limits to education. Yet, these radical leaders and their followers continue to arouse chaos, fight against social reform and keep their people silenced—all in the name of Islam. What validity of faith, peace, and worship exists after acts of any violence?


Small cries soon lead to fierce shouts against what was once silence. The chain-reaction of peaceful uprisings against fascists in Africa and the Middle East has enthralled everyone. More than hope, there is now a progressive social reform in the Muslim world. People broke free from dictatorship and corrupt regimes with movements loud enough to show truth in Islam.

Twitter #Jan25
Twitter #Jan25

Islam does not justify suppressing women, burning schools, and stoning adulterers. Although the reality of Radical Islam is difficult to grasp for normal Muslims, we should display spirited defense. Political and social movements took perseverance. The recent efforts in Northern Africa and Middle East are truly noteworthy. For once I know: it can be done. The bubble has burst and the aspirations of modern men and women can no longer be ignored.

Why was it ever so hard for me to say: “I’m a Muslim and my religion does not support that.” That’s almost all it takes.

Break the silence against ignorant, illiterate, radical “Muslims”—the real enemies against Islam.