What Stops Being Cool After Turning 20 (if not sooner!)

1. Disregarding the Importance of Politics How many “F*** politics” have you seen under people’s Information on social network sites? The count is disheartening. Some feel that discussing politics is tacky or don’t want to reveal their personal affiliations- that’s great, not a terrible attribute at all. Those who just don’t care or are under the false impression that Politics doesn’t affect them need a drastic eye opener.

I guess as Americans we have grown comfortable to our daily lives and easily lose sight of the effects of politics. I don’t want to turn this into a lecture so to cut it short: if you want to succeed and prosper in life, you need to stay informed.

2. Not Paying For Any Music

Not many have thought to buy a CD since 2001 with the introduction of iPods and mp3 players popularizing. Since piracy is a general issue that has yet to be resolved, it is your personal duty as an adult to support the artists you love. A really dumb argument to make is that “they’re already wealthy enough”-its not even the money; it’s the principal of it all.

3. Hating to Read

Pretend you have time for it. How do you get through college by hating to read? There are books out there for all interests and thinkers. Saying you hate to read is like not having any thoughts. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is progress and a lack of progress is a meaningless life. I guess a loophole to not enjoying reading is being an audio/visual learner. Regardless, unless you’re sitting in on lectures or watching really amazing documentaries or movies, you are just missing out!

4. Neglecting the Use of Proper, Basic Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling

Dis iz a pet peeve 4 most ppl & if ur still talking lyke dis nd mixing up ur there theyre theirs thAn rest assured ur bein reevaluated. (My Mac book had a red squiggly seizure with that sentence.)

Note to the 5% of idiots in their 20’s: I have had people laugh at my face/admire me because I use “big words” and sound “very intellectual” when I’m speaking to them…. ARE YOU SERIOUS? They are not “SAT words”, they’re just NORMAL words you should casually be using already. Vocabulary does end in 8th grade.

5. Leading a Passion-less Life

Everything with substance, greatness, and inspiration came from a step taken with passion. No one wants to be with a dead beat. After a year or two into college, the experimenting phase should come to a close so that you can start working towards what you're passionate about. To still be uncertain about your interests and hobbies at this point would be concerning.

6. Assuming You Have Already Grasped All of Life’s Lessons

Wisdom is infinite. People in their twenties ironically tend to be the least humble—I would know! The toughest trials bring me down to size and make me realize that I have just started. You can honestly measure the amount of wisdom within in a person not by their age, but by their humility.

7. Being a Sheep

Your mother gave you a life so live it. As an ex sheep, I know the burden of chasing an image, trying please others, and letting the views of parents and peers infringe upon my own. It really is rewarding to know that who you are is more than a product of what you’ve seen but rather what you’ve learned. Before you blindly proclaim your views on a political topic, choose your major, or decide anything, get the facts. By opening your mind, listening, attempting to see things from different perspectives and diversifying your news sites, you really will find out more about yourself than anything else.

8. Not Keeping Up With Current Events

It really is a tad unnerving to be the last one to hear about a catastrophe or new changes. Keeping updated locally, nationally, and globally will greatly broaden your interests and causes in life. Diversify your sources and subjects because it really does feel pitiful to be left out of a conversation.