Running Out of Patience, Mr. President.


  1. A health care and education system in downturn
  2. The worst economic crisis since the depression
  3. An environmental crisis that many have yet to acknowledge
  4. A lack of bipartisanship in Congress
  5. Manage a huge financial deficit (inherited from the previous 8 years)

Where’s your magic wand Obama? Do you not have magical powers like the supposed witch, Christine O’Donnell?  Why aren’t you as qualified as the charming Sarah Palin? Sometimes I wonder if you’re even a real American because a birth certificate wasn’t enough.

In fact, I feel that you haven’t delivered all the “change” that you have promised.  As an American, I don’t have enough patience to wait in a drive thru so what makes you think I’m going to wait for your policies to take positive effect? Like my state representatives, I just wish you would tell me what I want to hear instead of doing what you know is best for our country.

As a smooth speaker, half knowledge, and mildy witty citizen, I feel that I am more qualified to run this nation than you are. I probably know more about the economy, intricacies of taxation, implementing bills, and social welfare than any current politician. Surely I’m informed enough since news coverage has always been impartial or misconstrued anything. I could run this country. Polls never lie: America thinks youre failing. If not me personally, then why not Sarah Palin? She’s JUST like ME: qualified.

Sure, you’re the strongest supporter of the gay community than any other President. Forget the hate crime laws. Put aside the new business regulations to prevent future economic meltdowns. Lets ignore the fact that unlike the previous 7 Presidents, you successfully passed a healthcare reform. I dont know what a socialist is but I know you are one. And clearly you really enjoyed issuing all those bailouts to major corporations.

But still, WHERE IS THE CHANGE? Do you even care about us regular folks? Do you even plan on helping small businesses and restoring our middle class? Doubt it.

At least I know I’m succeeding as an American. I put my own ideological beliefs first. I will fight to keep my tax cuts while expecting our deficit to decrease. I will continuously arouse panic and lead my community with falsified promises.

Tomorrow, on November 2, I will vote. My vote will depend on my level of patience, how much I can relate to the candidate, and which tell me what I want to hear.

I voted for you in 2008 but now I cannot bear to handle the hard truth: recovery takes time.

What we need are:

  1. Policies everyone can agree upon
  2. Quick fix policies
  3. Candidates in office we can relate to, too well.
  4. Continuous questioning of our Senators and Members of Congress every time they attempt to vote according to their logic (likely against our own).
  5. The Government to help us recover from all our personal, financial mistakes
  6. The Government to provide everything without our taxes.

Oh, and the world is probably ending.