Nearly Reasonable Things I Want Invented

Rice Krispy Treats Cereal For a limited time, they sold marshmallow coated Rice Krispies Cereal but it was still crunchy. I want a cereal that’s like soft, gooey Rice Krispies treats in bite size squares. Until then, I unwrap 3 treats, cut the up, put them in a bowl of milk and THEN I can enjoy this—way too tedious to be “American”.






Apparently a friend of mine has also dreamt of this at a young age so I know I’m not alone here but shouldn’t we be able to communicate with cars around us? I want nothing more than to be able to tell the person who cut me off without using their indicator how angry I am…Or maybe I want to thank someone for letting me thru with a quick message. I’m sure creepers would love this too so they could easily holler at people they’re stuck in traffic with. The medium for this kind of communication is up to the inventor/entrepreneur.  I would even be satisfied with an App where you can text pre-formatted messages to license plates numbers. So all license plates should have a linked cell phone number. And as a further stretch, when its 2100, we could have holographic speech bubbles transmitted car to car.

Force Fields

I could have said time travel, accessible space travel, time machine, teleportation, but for my sci-fi invention, I pick force fields. With a single device, I want to be able to have an impenetratable bubble around me, my car, or whatever. With this, you could walk through the forest worry free of bugs. With this, we would no longer need to worry on the road. With this, you could scuba dive with nothing on. With this, you could ascend into space without worry of air/oxygen pressure. With this, you could be Desmond from LOST during a nuclear explosion. With this, you could prevent a fatal incident. With this, you could possibly stop a virus from spreading within. I see many technical and legal difficulties with this idea (aside from it being impossible at this point in time). Maybe all force fields will have time limits depending on strength? Before I really stop making sense, I just think this would be incredible so if you’re a bored genius in physics, get on this.


Southwestern Submarines

Instead of trying to compete with American Airlines, Southwestern should seek to regain its credibility and implement marketable alliteration with trans-oceanic travel. Really, I anyone can do this. Some people are reportedly on this but this is indeed, very complicated. Half of the sea life in the gulf is damaged anyway, why not barricade and connect various oceans for sea travel? To enforce safety, the barricades would keep dangerous sea life out as transportation travels quickly through water. This idea has much room for interpretation and adjustments but all I’m saying is that I would take observing fish over clouds any day.


Anti-Tanning Lotion

The title says it all. Not like bleach to make you lighter, but a lotion that keeps you from tanning. And no, sunscreen does not already do this! And if this is as complicated as curing cancer, than how about lotion that prevents hair growth forever?