A Few Things I Learned the Summer After Freshman Year:

1. Being a workaholic is a good thing…until it’s a bad thing. Apparently there is such a thing as being over productive.  I’m always exhausted, forgetful, and feeling out of the loop. Is 20 the new 40? Ick. Finding balance between relaxation,work, studying and eating right has never been so important in my life.

2. There are plate-stealing gnomes in every house.

Ever notice that with time, tons of plates and glasses seem to dwindle down to just a few? Yeah, I’m sure some break with a few accidents. Many are left at your neighbors’ after the potluck but exactly how many? No, not that many. We have to buy new plates, utensils and even cups every year because it seems like they just “disappear”. Give it a rest you filthy cup hoarding gnomes…I’m onto you.

3. Things get worse (sometimes really worse) before they get better.

When shit happens, it really happens. Every time something has gone terribly wrong, it gets worse. I think the best thing to really do is let is all happen. Soak it in. I learn the most when I’m sha-shaken up. I become humble again and learn to get back on my feet with stronger legs. Maybe its karma. Maybe it happened so something even more horrifying is prevented. And after the storm passes, it seems like the sun just shines even more brilliantly.

4. And when things do get worse, look around and see who’s there listening by your side. You will have them forever.

During the worst of times I find myself truly grasping the greatness of my family and friends. The people that encompass my life are probably the most amazing and warming people I have ever encountered. I can only hope to be remotely the same for them.

5. The average person will use college as a crutch- an excuse for all their stupidity. The extraordinary will learn all the lessons offered and only take steps forward.

During my first year, I found myself making excuses for everything I had slipped up on: grades, losing touch, upsetting family, and not keeping things together. The truth is: it’s never really okay.  It’s actually not that all right to throw away time, money, and a valuable education for an extra few hours of sleep or a night out with friends at all. As obvious as this lesson is, its quickly forgotten the next time an opportunity presents itself. There are no excuses- it’s that simple. Work when you’re supposed and have extra fun when you’re done. Some people take it really far and let nothing faze them.  Ignorance, after all, is only a temporary bliss. Fortunately, I haven’t done anything that would cause a scare at the doctor’s office or something regretful. Unfortunately for some, they have. College is awesome.

6. Music is an all purpose remedy.

Need I say more? I could drive down long, scenic routes with Muse on full blast all day. I love discovering new artists. I’ve also started listening to music very differently from before. I’m beginning to grow strong appreciation for artists with amazing compositions. I love all the marriages these days of two very different genres producing one melodious child. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse- that shit is truly bananas.

7. Somehow I always remember the little, simple things.

I’m not one to dwell on the past but, during some rare times of nostalgia, I seem to remember the very small, unimportantly important things.

8. Blotchy red walls, that you half-heartedly painted the summer before college, will leave you traumatized for too long.

Its 9:30 AM. What’s the first thing on your mind?

1) I’m hella tired.

2) Ugh, what to wear...

3) Oh, good morning period-stained-like walls.

9. Everyone is artistically inclined in some form or manner.

Either you sing or are an undiscovered, shower version of Beyonce. Or maybe you can dance- especially when you think no one is looking.  Forget singing and dancing, you make sound? Band geeks were always hot. Sometimes people can’t do any of those things too well and they express themselves through pigments or colors of emotion. I even think that acting or writing can be someone’s true niche of artistic comfort as well. AND some people are really annoying and have the capacity for all of these things at once. AND then there are those that realize God peed in their gene pool and can barely do one of these things properly. Regardless of where your niche really is, the fact is that everyone has one (or a few....sluts.)

10. I'm currently in Chocoholics of America Rehab. Kind of.

I can’t just get a chocolate fix with any chocolate. I like my chocolate like I like mah boys: perfect amount of cocoa, mildly sweet and utterly delicious.

Totally kidding about the boys part.

I like girls.

Jk. Not really.

11. If you don’t make time for yourself every once in a while, you’ll lose yourself.

It freaks me out if I don’t get some sort of alone time a few days during the week; just an hour or two to do the things that I like- alone. It’s when I tune out the world and paint that I figure out who matters to me the most in my life. During those long showers is when I realize that something is bothering me. Time alone, regardless of how it’s spent, feels like the itunes sync button. I feel updated, harmonized, and ready to play hah.

Now that I thoroughly feel like I wrote a middle schoolers xanga post, I'd like to thank those who have tolerated this already before.

400+ hits on last post, yayyyuh.