Giving Up Indifference

Read time: 3 minutes

I am happy and complacent. The happiness part I’m used to but the complacent state of mind is driving me to an edge. I’m grateful for my life but it’s pushed me away from empathy with suffering and most of all, it’s made me feel like I’ve stopped going forward in life.

Every year, I like to celebrate Lent  - for two obvious reasons: it’s easier than Ramadan and second, 40 days is an appropriate time frame to form a new habit. This post on what the Pope wants you to give up for Lent stirred what was central to my discomfort with my idle mind: indifference. I'm giving up on indifference because indifference is too easy and it's definitely not making any of us feel better about our political and social climate.

Describing this phenomenon he calls the globalization of indifference, Francis writes that “whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, no place for the poor.

Earlier this month, as soon as I decided to care about stuff again and let our American state of affairs sink in, I was grossly galvanized by the Republican Party's propaganda. Every PR firm in America should come together and re-brand what is now a shameful party to associate your traditional, conservative, and once practical values with.  If you disagree, again, they have a major PR issue. Imagine how hard it is for young American to attach to the Republican Party. Imagine what it’s like to be cornered into backing Donald Trump come end of day today. Perhaps it's not so different from having to back Hillary Clinton but at least she’s not the American equivalent of the early stages of Saddam Hussein.

Caring is hard but please care enough to not vote for Not Trump. If everyone who is a part of the  My-Vote-Doesnt-Count group voted, it would count right now. Even if you have to wait three hours in line, at least you saved your Republican friend from losing their mind and got to skip some work. This evangelical and conservative radio talk show host and pastor doesn’t even understand how this Trump take over is happening. Decide to pay attention this election year and help out a Republican in need.

To close this rant, I saw this on Facebook last night and I want everyone to read this at least 14 times and be sad with me.

Let today sink in. There’s nothing to celebrate and everything to change.